Reduction of absences among EAP users from 34% to 8%. *

* These figures are based on our before / after surveys with our customer companies

Advantages for
you as employer

Our Employee Assistance Program EAP

  • reduces stress and its negative consequences, e.g. mistakes, accidents, burnout, long-term illnesses, presenteeism (physically, but not mentally present) in your business early on

  • reduces the risk of incidents with accompanying serious effects for your business and your employees

  • crisis intervention on site

  • reduces your costs and increases the productivity of your workforce

  • immediately realizes Return-on-Investment

  • shows appreciation towards your employees

  • delivers valuable information about the state of your employees by way of informative usage reports

  • shows you, through analysis of indicators and trends, possible needs for action in order to improve working conditions, productivity and the well-being of your employees.

  • promotes your attractiveness and your image as an employer

  • brings direct relief for those responsible for your personnel

  • improves the care of employees

  • offers leadership coaching and management support and access to a comprehensive training offering (ICAS Academy)

  • is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • belongs to every effective OHM and the associated duty to a healthy working environment

Advantages for
your employees

Our Employee Assistance
Program EAP offers your employees

  • Immediate, professional support in all burdensome life situations – around the clock and free of charge

  • Anonymous and confidential access to service that lowers the resistance to seek early, immediate and self-directed support

  • Concrete and targeted solutions that contribute to re-establishing health, performance and well-being

  • The possibility to work on a topic in 1-8 face to face counseling sessions (sessions for couples also possible)

  • No long waiting times for a personal face-to-face session thanks to short- term appointments (usually within 2 – 3 working days)

  • Specialists for complex problematic situations (degreed psychologists, attorneys, social workers)

  • Support in English, German, French and Italian 24-7 – Upon agreement, advice possible in 9 additional languages

  • Important appreciation by you as the employer

  • Compliance with all statutory data protection requirements through SQS- tested procedures

  • Similarly comprehensive use of the services by people in the same household

  • Direct access to telephone or LiveChat counselling via the ICAS App for smartphones

Want to learn more about the advantages of the ICAS Employee Assistance Program EAP? We are happy to answer your questions!

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simply explained

The low-threshold and anonymous access to ICAS via telephone or live chat encourages employees who are suffering from emotional and psychological stress to obtain professional support at an early stage.


The service is available to your employees and all persons living in the same household

  • Difficulties in the workplace

    Conflicts in the workplace are often difficult for us humans to solve. There are situations in which we feel overwhelmed, such as

    – hidden or open conflicts with superiors, employees or colleagues
    – not enough self-esteem to assert oneself
    – fear of not meeting the requirements
    – No more joy at work
    – Exhaustion and fatigue
    – upcoming retirement, which makes you afraid

  • Relationship issues, separation/divorce

    Relationship problems are among the most common private issues why people contact us. They can be very stressful and affect our performance at work. With ICAS, employees can get support at an early stage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, before presenteeism and absenteeism occur.

  • Familiy matters, parenting, childcare, eldercare

    People bring private concerns such as raising children or caring for relatives to their workplace.  Managers often do not know how to deal with such personal problems. Nor is it their job to solve private problems. Rather, as part of their duty of care, they should ensure that employees are able to call on help anonymously and on their own responsibility in order to disburden themselves of private worries so that their work does not suffer.

  • Stress, conflicts, bullying, harassment

    Stress and conflicts in the workplace are among the most common work-related issues why we are contacted. Especially stress-related performance losses are rarely visible from the outside. Therefore, the most effective and cost-effective prevention is if those affected can immediately help themselves. The ICAS service is low-threshold and strictly confidential. With ICAS Services, your company can more than double the proportion of employees with unrestricted capabilities, as our before/after surveys of EAP users show.

  • Burnout, depression, anxiety, bereavement, addiction

    The WHO estimates that by 2020 depression and affective disorders will be the world’s second most common disease. According to the WHO, the absence from work for mental illnesses is 50% longer than for physical illnesses. The earlier help is sought, the lower the risk of long-term mental illness. In order to be effective, support must be low-threshold, highly professional and absolutely confidential. The WHO recommends EAP as an effective tool for organizations.

  • Legal issues (housing, consumer rights, contracts, etc.)

    Our experts advise you and your employees on practical and legal issues such work-related topics, finances, debt, housing, family, consumer questions, contracts, etc.

Our services

Depending on the size of your company and the scope
of services you require, you can choose between two service packages

EAP Premium

Full service package

  • Recommended for medium-sized to large companies with 250 employees or more

  • You benefit from our full service package with a dedicated Account Manager, on site introductory presentations, printed information brochures for your employees, fairpricing, crisis intervention, etc.

  • Your dedicated Account Manager is your contact person for all administrative questions

  • As an experienced expert in Business Health Management (BHM) and Human Resources (HR) matters, he supports you in planning and implementing the EAP in your company

  • He regularly prepares an informative report for you, which he then discusses with you on site

  • You benefit from our ICAS fairpricing and only pay for what you have used


Online service package

  • Recommended for small to medium-sized companies (SMEs)

  • Configure the service package that best suits your company’s needs quickly and easily online

  • After you have made your choice and placed the order, you will promptly receive all you need to get started with the EAP. Our digital communication package contains all relevant information (brochures, service posters, factsheets, etc.) so you and your staff can start using “your EAP” immediately

  • You pay a fixed price per employee/year

10 reasons for choosing ICAS
as your EAP service provider

  • We are certified for our quality management systems with the ISO 9001 standard and have been awarded the internationally recognized data protection label GoodPriv@cy according to GDPR

  • Our team of counselors consists exclusively of qualified and experienced psychologists, lawyers, social and management advisors

  • Low-threshold and anonymous 24/7 access to the
    EAP support service via telephone and live chat in
    4 languages (German, English, French, Italian)

  • Nationwide network of psychotherapists (no long waiting periods for a personal counseling session)

  • International and yet local – global companies receive the ICAS Employee Assistance Program in equal scope and quality in all countries

  • Fairpricing – you only pay for what you have used
    (EAP Premium)

  • Informative usage reports, effectiveness demonstrated by before/after results

  • Highest satisfaction rate (2021: 98.2%)

  • Management and Leadership Coaching – benefit from the ICAS Model for Executive Support

  • Helps reconciling work and family with the ICAS Family Service modules Child Care and Care Assistance

Data protection

We fulfil all requirements of the EU GDPR. We are certified for our quality management systems with the ISO 9001 standard and have been awarded the internationally recognized data protection label GoodPriv@cy according to GDPR standard. In addition, our counselors are all subject to professional secrecy. This is how we guarantee the legal conformity of our EAP.